Consumer alert – With quality cigars come the fakes 6/3/2017 Producers and importers are fighting back with a number of safeguards to help consumers verify the genuine article. Baqer Mohebi Enterprises is enhancing its efforts this year to ensure that the cigar customers are protected against the rash of fakers in the UAE market. Read more
18th Habanos Festival in Cuba 26/4/2016 'Festival Habanos XVIII' was held in Havana (February 29th to March 4th) in an atmosphere of great excitement and interest. The event hosted over 1,500 attendants from more than 50 countries and this year gave pride of place to Cohiba cigars. Read more
All hail to the Bolivar ‘Emiratos’ 26/4/2016 This 2015 special edition Vitola, the Bolivar 'Emiratos', comes from a brand traditionally known to produce some of the strongest and most full-bodied Havana cigars to come out of Havana. Read more