Belgian Ambassador’s visit at BME’s Innovation Centre 5/3/2017 The tour started with H.E. Ambassador Mineur’s visit to each zone at the centre and briefing about the seminars and trainings held inside. It concluded at the warehouse, where the team showed her the diversity of brands and products partnered by BME through its decades of service in the UAE. Read more
Duni goes with the leather look 26/4/2016 Duni is always seeking out new and interesting table fashions - and this time it's leather. It blends well with bare tables and sustainable products - all 'hot' topics right now. Read more
Busy times at BME’s Innovation Centre 26/4/2016 The Innovation Centre is there to give retailers new ideas and help them move products off their shelves. Here's what happened during the busy last quarter of 2015 when one group followed another. Read more