Busy times at BME’s Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre is there to give retailers new ideas and help them move products off their shelves. Here’s what happened during the busy last quarter of 2015 when one group followed another.


October: All those selling Corman Butter got a tasty update from our International Technical Advisor, Pastry Chef Foade El Fehsi, about ways to prepare croissants, pastries and other yummy delights. As the French always say…’butter, butter and butter’.

Corman 600
November: ”Look at all the great things you can do with bread”, said Chef Benny Verbaeck, our International Technical Bakery Advisor, during his seminars in Dubai last November. He focused on O-Tentic’s Durum and the Puravita range of Omega 3, Fiber+, Wholegrain and Energy additives.

Belcolade 600-rev
Also in November: Chef Wissam Siala, our Regional Technical Advisor for Pastry & Chocolate, focused on Belcolade chocolate and Cryst-O-Fil fillings. Exciting ways to switch on people’s attention – not to mention their appetites!

December: Chef Benny Vervaeck (see top photo) showed participants new ways of preparing and presenting Puratos products to inspire greater consumer interest and move slow items off the shelves.