(English) SPECIAL FEATURE 17/10/2018

(English) The Innovation Centre has been buzzing in 2018 with great ideas shared by four renowned and accomplished Chefs. Many customers also found new inspiration coming from Belgium, where special seminars and training sessions sent back exciting recipes and directions.

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(English) TOBACCO NEWS 17/10/2018

(English) La Casa del Habano celebrates 20 years in UAE and now has four exquisite outlets (Abu Dhabi and Dubai) plus one in Oman. Learn about the growth of the chain and how its business model has evolved beyond a cigar store alone.

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(English) HORECA NEWS 17/10/2018

(English) Duni brings Terinex napkins from Thailand, a completely recyclable line with special appeal for quick service restaurants (QSRs) and the Horeca industry

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(English) CONSUMER NEWS 17/10/2018

(English) Britannia reaches its 100 years and at BME the centenary of one of its oldest clients is an occasion to celebrate as well, with visits from Britannia’s top officers.
Gerolsteiner Sparking Water comes to the UAE, where BME plans to make the brand as big as it is in Germany with launches in leading retail chains.
Twinings launches its INFUSIO infusions and BME takes the unconventional merchandising approach in stores to make the new brand ‘pop out’.

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(English) Expanded FMCG operations in Dubai South 17/10/2018

(English) Dubai South is gearing up for 2020 and beyond. In parallel, BME is expanding its FMCG operations at the company’s new warehouse facilities there.

There’s a lot happening in Dubai South, where the future World Expo 2020 site will be located. The Business Park is seeing an annual growth of 35% in the number of new companies moving there. Expo 2020’s first major hotel in Dubai South will open its doors in a few months. BME has also moved there, expanding its FMCG operations with large warehouses to store all non-perishable products and tobacco.

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الثقة في نمو قطاع الخدمات اللوجستية في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة في عام 2018 6/12/2017

تشير مؤشرات الأسواق من مصادر متعددة إلى عودة الانتعاش ف يعام 2018، مع نمو مضطرد في قطاع الشحن الجوي والبحري على امتداد السنوات الأربع المقبلة.

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